Case Study: Lead Generation Site in Auto Industry was born in June 2020 when I decided $3,201 was a bargain for such a great domain name. I scooped it up at an expiring auction thinking it would be a great domain to develop into a lead generation business. If not, I was confident the name would sell for at least as much as I put in.

So I did what I normally do; conducted some outbound sales trying to flip sell the domain for a quick buck. Thankfully, I had no takers.

Deciding to go the development route, I searched far and wide for lead generation affiliate models to build around. Many came to mind, including home buying, car buying, liquidations, and so on.

I eventually settled on car buying because of a shifting landscape in car sales due to a chip shortage in the global supply chain. This shortage created a huge demand for used cars, meaning the value people had for their cars was far greater than previously expected.

Similarly, the parts and materials in junk cars were increasing in value. Junkyards and auto salvage yards began paying almost double what they used to pay for vehicles that didn’t even work. As a result, the demand for leads was an excellent opportunity.

Fast forward to the October 2020, and I was knuckle deep into building out the website in WordPress. The site eventually featured over 6,000 pages, including service area pages, car model pages, junkyard directory pages, in-depth blog posts and articles, and keyword driven landing pages. The site was a behemoth in terms of on-site SEO with meticulously determined header tags, keyword optimization, and internal linking.

Off-site SEO was, and generally always is, the hard part. Not just because good link building is hard, but because came with more spammy backlinks than a PBN from 2001.

Think of every spammy niche you can imagine. Now imagine 1,000+ referring domains and 30,000+ referring pages with anchor texts of words you would never say to your mother. Luckily, as someone who knows his way around a backlink profile, I removed the negative factors of these backlinks.

Within six months, I had garnered 1,400+ high-quality, authoritative referring domains, including 38,000+ referring pages. My Domain Rating improved from 12 to 47 in this period, which had a tremendous effect on keyword rankings.

Ranking pages of a brand new site is hard. Ranking pages for keywords in a hyper-competitive, ever-changing niche such as auto sales is even harder. And yet, I managed to rank for 12,000+ keywords and gather 5,000+ visitors on a monthly basis.

This traffic resulted in hundreds of monthly leads for a nationwide car buying company, and we eventually sold the domain name and website to a multi-billion dollar company and exited the business at nearly a 1,600% profit margin.

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